UCI Upper-Division Writing Requirement @ UCDC

UCDC seminars are not pre-approved as satisfying UCI’s upper-division writing requirement. As such, there is no guarantee that you can complete upper-division writing during your quarter in Washington.

That said, some students have successfully petitioned, after the quarter, to get their UCDC seminar to count for their upper-division writing requirement. This page summarizes how that option works, including notes about what has (and has not) worked best in the past.


  1. Enroll in an appropriate UCDC seminar course.
    • General Research has worked best.
    • Supreme Court has worked as well, but not as reliably.
    • Other seminars have not had enough writing and/or feedback to count.
  2. Complete the course and do well. Save all your work as well as instructor feedback.
  3. Submit the Petition for Upper-Division Writing Course (“W” Course) Credit after the UCDC term is done and grades are available. Submit the form and your materials to the email address as detailed on the form.

Qualifications for an Upper Division Writing Course

  • Papers should total at least 4,000 words (14+ pages) of polished writing. The expectation is that students will get substantial experience with a writing-feedback-revision loop. Your petition for UD writing credit must document all three elements of this loop.
  • The course should include instruction in the kinds of writing commonly practiced in your discipline. Discussion of writing and activities relating to writing should be integrated throughout the course and indicated on the course syllabus.
  • Ideally, students will use a writing guide or reference book throughout the course.

Final Recommendations

  • Write at least 4000 words (14+ pages), with at least one longer and more substantial work that includes research and/or substantial reference material, drafting, feedback, revision, and proper documentation.
  • Save all your work and feedback from your professor.
  • Incorporate feedback into essay revisions.
  • For instructors: Review UCI Upper Division Writing Rubric for instructors.