Civic and Community Engagement Minor

The Civic and Community Engagement Minor is a dynamic program that offers an interdisciplinary approach to scholars from across majors to engage as citizens and community members in an ever-evolving globalized society. The minor empowers students to leverage their academic experience to be agents of change in their communities.

Open to all UCI undergraduate students, the Civic and Community Engagement Minor serves as an enrichment to students’ major expertise and offers a greater breadth of experiences for personal growth and the public good. Moreover, the program enables students to enhance their professional networks, develop meaningful friendships, and collaborate with peers and faculty from diverse disciplines across the entire UCI campus.

Students must complete seven courses (28 units total) which include:

  • Core Course: Introduction to Civic and Community Engagement and Community Research (UNI STU 10). This course offers a foundation for understanding the role of public scholarship, civic engagement, and social action, and the relationship between service-learning and engaged citizenship.
  • 4 Unit Internship: Students choose an approved internship from internships, field studies, and practicums across a multitude of schools across campus, including the UCDC & UCCS programs here at the Office Civic Engagement.
  • 3 to 5 Elective Courses: A multitude of upper-division options can be found on the list of approved electives. Choose based on your area of interest and track.

Interested in completing the Civic & Community Engagement Minor at UCI? Indicate your interest on the Google Form linked below and we can share updates and upcoming elective course offerings.

Students interested in declaring the Civic and Community Engagement Minor are encouraged to use this planning worksheet to map out requirements.

Note that this worksheet is based on the 2022-2023 UCI General Catalogue and is for informational purposes only. When ready, visit your academic counselor to declare the minor.

Questions about the CCE Minor? We encourage you to check out our FAQs or schedule an appointment with us.