UCDC Internships

A wide variety of internships are available in ANY field! Students are responsible for finding their own internship, typically after selection into the UCDC program. Staff at both UC Irvine and in Washington, D.C. will assist students in this process, providing guidance and internship leads.

Upon acceptance to UCDC (both in the Academic Internship Program and the Summer Program), participants will gain access to the UCDC Internship Database, containing active internship listings by internship sites that routinely hire UCDC interns.  Students should also use the various resources below in their internship search.

Note that the resources referenced below are just a starting point! This is not an exhaustive list of opportunities in D.C., and students should also do independent research on internship options.

Organizations by Area of Interest
Courtesy of UCSD’s Academic Internship Program

Other Web Sites & Internship Listings

  • Business
    • Economics, Policy, Finance
  • Communication
    • Broadcast & Print Media, Journalism, Public Relations, Advertising
  • Culture
    • Art, Museums, Galleries, Libraries, Humanities
  • Government
    • Congress, Federal Agencies, Departments
  • International Affairs
    • Embassies, International Relations, Aid, Human Rights, International Business, Policy, Research
  • Law
    • Human Rights, Civil Rights, Criminal Justice, Legislation, Social Justice
  • Politics
    • Elections, Political Parties, Action Groups, Lobbying, Reform
  • Public Policy
    • Research, Strategy, Think Tanks
  • Sciences
    • Science, Health, Environment, and Technology
  • Social Justice
    • Education, Social Services, Non-Profits, Advocacy


Organizations with Early Deadlines

In most cases, you will not apply for an internship until after you have been accepted to the UCDC program. However, there are a few organizations that have very early deadlines, usually due to a long security clearance process. If you are interested in any of the organizations below, apply early, even if prior to UCDC acceptance:


Deadline to Apply
Check the organization’s website for exact dates
Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Applications are due 9-12 months in advance of start date. Requires a semester commitment. Consult with the UCDC office about how to extend your stay in D.C.
National Security Agency Varies – some as early as October 31 for Fall. Check web for details. Good opportunities for Computer Science and Engineering majors.
U.S. Department of Commerce Accepts applications on a rolling basis. Check web for details.
U.S. Department of State Fall = Late-February
Winter/Spring = Late-June

The White House 


Fall = Early-May
Winter/Spring = Mid-August
Typically requires a semester commitment. Consult with the UCDC office about how to extend your stay to a semester in D.C.