Cost & Affordability


The total cost for a 10-week UCDC summer internship is approximately $8,500 if you do not elect to take classes. This cost includes round-trip transportation (arranged by the individual), housing (the Summer 2024 rate at the UC Washington Center will be $4,011 including a $350 participation fee), and any incidental expenses. This is only an estimate and is largely impacted by travel and food costs.

If a student elects to enroll in courses, the cost of participation goes up to account for tuition, fees, and books or supplies.


There are numerous avenues to afford the unique opportunity offered through the UCDC program, including scholarships offered to students who meet specific criteria. Some students do obtain paid internships, but it is important to note that most internships are unpaid and those that are paid are much less common and considerably more competitive. We do not advise students to focus only on paid internships to make the program more affordable. Instead, here are several options that may assist individuals in affording the experience:

  • Financial Aid and Funding Assistance
    If a student elects to enroll in optional courses, they may qualify for financial aid. However, students should know that by taking courses, the overall cost of the program will go up. See the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships for more information.
  • Personal Fundraising
    Some students have successfully crowdfunded from family and friends through various websites and personal fundraising letters.
  • Part-time Jobs in D.C.
    Obtaining a part-time job in Washington D.C. while interning is not uncommon. It is a great way to earn extra cash to pay for travel opportunities, food, and other incidentals that may occur.
  • Start Saving!
    The recruiting process for UCDC begins early Fall Quarter. Students are accepted into the program in early to mid-November and don’t leave for D.C. until mid-June – that gives students 7 months to start saving. If you’re serious and committed to the program, we encourage you to plan your finances accordingly.