Michelle Truong, a Spring 2022 UCDC participant, was recently featured by the UCI School of Social Sciences. The recent UCI graduate (political science ’23) is about to continue her life as an Anteater as she begins graduate school at UCI’s School of Social Sciences this fall.

From the piece: “In fact, Truong applied to the UC system partly because of [UCDC]; she first heard about it in high school and dreamed of attending for years.

Her dream came true the spring quarter of her junior year when she headed to D.C. to intern for the American Councils for International Education, a non-profit organization that facilitates cultural exchanges and foreign language instruction abroad. Her UCDC experience surpassed her expectations. And in many ways, it did feel like a dream. For instance, the building where UC students reside and attend classes is a mere six blocks north of the White House. After her internship each day, Truong walked by the White House and the significance of her surroundings left her in awe.”

To read more about Michelle’s undergraduate career and future goals, read the full piece at the UCI School of Social Sciences website.