I applied to the UCDC Program because I knew that I needed help securing my first internship and thought that interning at Washington, DC over the summer would be fun. 

My internship gave me more confidence in my decision to pursue software engineering as a career. Having other interns to interact with helped negate any imposter syndrome that I had starting out and feedback from mentors dispelled any insecurities I had over my abilities and lack of industry experience. Most of all, I found that I loved what I did, even during the most difficult bug-fixes. The experience I gained through my internship set me apart from other applicants while I looked for post-graduate jobs, leading to me securing a position as a data engineer relatively early in my senior year. It really jump-started my career!

If you’re nervous about applying, just try your best and put your best foot forward. You miss all the shots you don’t take! The people looking at your application are kind and want you to succeed.



UCDC Summer 2022