Strauss Scholarship

The creation of the Foundation’s Public Service Award pays tribute to the vision, ideals, and leadership of Donald A. Strauss, and to his life-long commitment to public service and education. The Foundation promotes the value of public service in the education and preparation of our future leaders. In financing innovative student-generated projects which foster leadership skills, we encourage optimism and an enduring interest in public service.

A central part of the application package is an original proposal for a community or public service project to be carried out between the end of the sophomore or junior year and the spring of the following year; these proposals are a major focus of the selection process.

While the idea and implementation of the Strauss Public Service Project must originate with the student, partnership is allowed with organizations serving the public interest. These include national, international, regional, or local health organizations; environmental organizations; and non-profit organizations whose primary purpose is to help disadvantaged persons to access education and health care services, or to develop viable businesses.

Applicants must be nominated by their institution. To be considered for campus endorsement, UCI undergraduates work with the Scholarship Opportunities Program.